Forbes and Fifth

About Forbes & Fifth

Forbes & Fifth, a journal produced by Dietrich School undergraduates and sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, unites works of research, creative writing, and scholarly articles under the banner of interdisciplinary collaboration.


Lucas Grasha, Editor-in-Chief
English Poetry Writing and German Majors, Public and Professional Writing Certificate

To know a family is to have its memory. The whole of human history affords great insight into who we are and how we can be. It is our task to reveal this knowledge. I love discovering what connects us, what allows each of us to learn from memory. Edward Hirsch, a favorite poet of mine, coins this memory his “family of poets.”

And there is a family of scientists as much as there is a family of poets. No discipline is without, and Forbes & Fifth exemplifies this fact. We strive to display this family through research and art.

Sarah Churchman, Editor
Information Science User Design Major and English Creative Writing Minor

I like crafting, cacti, reading Hemingway, pretty patterns, and coding websites. Being on the Forbes & Fifth team reminds me to always be creative - I'm always learning new ways to think and write! The skills I've attained from being an editor have helped me in all aspects of my discipline, whether it's presenting research on honeypot networks or discovering a new form of poetry. Being a magazine that accepts all academic disciplines, Forbes and Fifth promotes diversity, uniqueness, and innovation in undergraduate work - definitely something I support!

Peter Danielson, Editor

Peter Danielson, Editor
Actuarial Mathematics and Economics Majors

I am a senior here at Pitt and I'm from Bucks County, PA.  I’ve really enjoyed my time with Forbes & Fifth and it has been a great way to work editors and writers from all academic backgrounds.  In addition, it has been a great experience to be able to practice and improve my own editing skills while helping writers get their research published.  As always, I’m looking forward to helping the writers reach their goals!

Brian Kocak

Brian Kocak, Editor
Microbiology and Philosophy Majors, Chemistry Minor

I am a senior interested in pursuing a career in research and medicine. I work for Forbes & Fifth because it allows me to broaden my interests and empower other students to reach their full potential as researchers and writers. I enjoy a broad range of pursuits, from working as a research assistant in a cystic fibrosis laboratory to studying enlightenment philosophers. Forbes and Fifth embodies that same spirit of diversity by supporting and publishing students with similarly diverse interests, works, and capabilities.

Renata Mitchell, Editor
History and Philosophy of Science Majors, Classics Minor, Children's Literature and Medieval and Renaissance Studies Certificates

Forbes & Fifth is a unique publication because it is an interdisciplinary journal that encourages writers from any major and school to submit their work. As an editor, it is rewarding to have the opportunity to explore other writers’ interests that I would not have otherwise experienced. Also, I think it is really interesting how Forbes & Fifth is a student-led journal because I feel that it fosters greater collaboration with peers and provides students a greater voice. I look forward to reading, reviewing, and editing the submissions!

Mariae Norwood, Editor
Communication Science and Disorders Major, English Creative Writing Minor

I am a senior at Pitt and have been a Forbes & Fifth editor since my freshman year. I am super interested in the extent to which poets hear music, noise, and voices, and how they incorporate these sounds in their work, and I love reading research-based submissions because it gives me a greater perspective of what undergraduates around the world are learning.  Working with the Forbes & Fifth submitters has helped me become the writer I am today, and I am excited for future submissions to come!

Shannon Pender, Graphic Designer
Fiction Writing Major, Children's Literature and Public and Professional Writing Certificates

I'm a senior at Pitt, originally from a small town south of Boston, Massachusetts with an unhealthy loyalty to Boston sports teams. I've spent my time at Pitt writing whenever I could, singing in choir, and working various jobs across campus. Working with Forbes & Fifth as their designer for two semesters has allowed me to further stretch my creative muscles and contribute to a publication I admire. After graduation, I'm moving to NYC to pursue a career in publishing, either in lifestyle magazines of young adult literature. 

Ryan Reichardt, Editor
Economics and Political Science Majors

After graduating this year, I plan to attend the University of Virginia School of Law in the fall. In addition to working as an editor at Forbes and Fifth, I work as a research assistant in the Department of Political Science, where I work on a project that focuses on the effectiveness of bureaucratic leadership. In my spare time, I love reading the latest news, with my favorite sites being FiveThirtyEight, Gizmodo, and Complex. I also enjoy celebrating the fact that the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series last year. Go Cubs Go!

Sarah Shearer, Editor
English Non-Fiction Writing and French Majors

As a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, I am pursuing creative non-fiction and enjoy writing, as well as studying the French language. I prefer a wide variety of books -- favorite reads include I Am Malala, Eat, Pray, Love, and The Little Prince. This same spirit of diversity is one of the reasons I love working with Forbes & Fifth; it's a great opportunity to learn about vastly different subjects, and reading others' work and ideas is highly inspiring!

Andrew Weber,  Editor
English Fiction Writing Major

Andrew (A.J.) Weber is a Writing Major with a focus on the craft of fiction. As both a writer and published photographer, A.J.’s role as a staff member on the publication mainly revolves around art and humanities writing. He is a senior in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, and has been with Forbes and Fifth for two years.

Danni Zhou,  Editor
Communication Major, Political Science and Chinese Minors

As an editor, I believe Forbes & Fifth differs from other campus publications. The journal encompasses works of multiple disciplines: varying from lyrical poems, to scientific research, to scenic photography. After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school and later pursue a career within a news production company. I look forward to reviewing the submissions!