Forbes and Fifth

Cut: Structure

Installation of found paper cuts
Largest cut letter sculpture measures 6’ tall
Pictured on Cover: B, M


Through the transformative process of creating a physical structure from the naturally two-dimensional material of printed paper, I push the boundaries between image, text, object, structure, language, and meaning. The result is a playful and odd representation of drawing in three-dimensional space. In this work, I investigate the structure surrounding language in image and text. Written text is bound by particular structures such as grammar and the physical construction of letterforms. Language functions as a political and social structure within society. Images are culturally inscribed as a form of language dependent on context. My focus of this installation is on uncovering where symbol and connotation collide. Is it possible to remove meaning from a word, to view the letterforms as pure symbol rather than connotation? And conversely, is it possible to read an arbitrary image with heavy connotation regardless of context?

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Editor's Edition, 2014