Forbes and Fifth

Letter From the Editor, Volume 19

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the 19th volume of Forbes & Fifth! I am so glad you have decided to join us in this edition’s exploration of the wealth of creativity and knowledge found among undergraduate students. As we have now published three volumes of the journal during a global pandemic, the resilience of Forbes & Fifth continues to amaze me. Our team of editors and designers commit themselves time and time again to the mission of sharing interdisciplinary knowledge and stories to a global audience. In the first semester where we have mostly returned to the Pittsburgh campus, Forbes & Fifth has swayed with the changing tide and adapted through it all.

The quality of submissions we receive continues to increase, and makes the selection process difficult in the best ways possible. Our collection of works in this volume contain emergent themes of home, finding self-identity after tragedy, sexuality, and female leadership. These pieces will move you, inform you and most of all, tell the stories of lives you may not have encountered otherwise. Though our contributors may come from all reaches of the world, the threads that tie these works together create a unique quilt of self-expression that I hope warms your spirit as it does mine.

My gratitude for being elected to lead this publication in its ever changing adventure remains endless. Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned from Forbes & Fifth is that creativity, knowledge and diversity will always cut through the darkness in the world that can often feel insurmountable. Volume 19 is a reflection of this triumphant spirit, and the power that comes from showing up as your truest self.

Until next time,

Erica Barnes, Editor-In-Chief


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your support and interest in Forbes & Fifth. With every volume, the journal evolves, and our talented contributors are able to showcase their diverse and thought-provoking work to a larger audience.

This is a special edition of Forbes & Fifth. The editors and contributors who have cultivated this volume made it through the pandemic and have created this pub-lication while juggling the chaos of going “back to normal life” despite these still not being normal times. The commitment and grit shown by everyone who is named in this volume is proof of the dedication and love we have for this journal. I believe that as you flip through these pages, the hard work and talent of everyone involved in this process will be clear.

I hope this journal brings you peace, and acts as an escape when you need it. The publications are full of heart and truth. As a child, I believed that writing was a superpower because authors were able to make people feel less alone. In today’s world, it is easy to feel isolated, but Forbes & Fifth proves we are not as secluded as we think. I still believe in the immense power coveted by the written word, and the talented writers we work with reinforcing that belief every day. Let Forbes & Fifth facilitate the work of these superheroes and experience the power one page at a time.


Emma Porter, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Volume 19, Fall 2021