Forbes and Fifth

Letter From the Editor, Volume 3

This may only be Forbes and Fifth’s third issue, but this magazine has already proven itself as a staple of undergraduate articulation. We editors intend to cultivate an environment of pure expression, free from the condescension of an exclusionary literary publication. All undergraduates are welcome to submit to Forbes & Fifth, by any mode scientifc, historical, lyrical, or otherwise creatively inclined.

Any doubt we may have once possessed has been struck from our minds. We believe wholeheartedly in our writers, the passions they pursue, and the words they share with us. A faith has been continually established between our editors and those who pursue their fervor, in hopes of developing a bond that goes beyond the medium of the work itself and steps confdently into the realm of intellectual afnity.

With this third issue, we exhale, releasing the cautions of preliminary works and initial reviews. The tensions of an inaugural scrutiny both by peers and University staf did not threaten our frst two issues, but certainly added to the momentous relief of surviving and conquering yet another semester. By now, we feel that we have proven to be a publication worth preserving. But again, we are only as strong as our collaborators, those with the bravery to submit and await our judgment. Without the collective impetus of our writers to delve deep, pour into the unseen cracks, and uproot those topics that would otherwise remain overlooked, Forbes and Fifth would certainly struggle to fulfll its goals. For this, we thank our writers and all those who submit issue after issue, who make our jobs feel like an excavation, or a peculiar, literary safari.

To the University of Pittsburgh and the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences for supporting us in our infant hour, and to those who peruse these pages with an open heart and a discerning yet desirous eye, we would like to thank you. Be you the fuel to our fre, or the fre under our feet, we editors regard our readers and devotees with the upmost respect and sincerest thanks for instilling life into a vital source of undergraduate voice.

Please enjoy what we have in store for you in this, our third issue of Forbes and Fifth magazine.

Hail to Pitt.

- The Editors

Volume 3, Spring 2013