Forbes and Fifth

Letter from the Editor, Volume 9

Dear Readers,

Well, I wanted to open this volume with a joke. The few comedic scripts you will find herein might bring levity, as should the literary musings, focused movie critiques, and poems about the age-old self—all medicine to a regrettably heavier opening.

I believe that this year struck us all as overwhelming. Personal and national upsets investigated how we communicate. This milieu grew mistrust between information sources and their audiences. Writers and publishers should respond—in good faith—to our crises, no matter affiliation, creed, nor mission. From this response, we must ensure clarity and grace in the written word.

To couch Forbes & Fifth in this context, we strive to maintain similar grace. Issues of the state and issues of the heart are something we can tackle. Here, smallness doesn’t matter; youngness doesn’t either. Symbolism matters. Even minute tokens hold great value to those who can articulate it.

Though our editors major in vastly different subjects, we occupy the same board. Though our authors look at the world in different cockeyed ways, they occupy the same volume. Though our journal has never been singular, we occupy the same unity. I believe that Forbes & Fifth always represents diversity, holding the torch high. In this volume, we editors proudly display a mélange that is not jarring, but crafted. We included authors we believed would respond to sound communication—whether stretching back to antiquity, or vaulting into imagined frontiers.

And flowery language aside, I invite you to read on. Enjoy what’s in store.

Happy reading,
Lucas Grasha


Volume 9, Fall 2016