Forbes and Fifth

Editors' Edition, 2014

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Cut: Structure

By Theresa Baughman

Through the transformative process of creating a physical structure from the naturally two-dimensional material of printed paper, I push the boundaries between image, text, object, structure, language, and meaning. Read More

Catechism for Junior Year

By Mariae Norwood

At the pond one evening, you said, “Dreaming is easier than living,” and when we walked home, you thought, “If you were a character in one of my books, you would know how to love me.” Remember when you found that fortune on the ground? Read More

My Dearest Hadley

By Sarah Churchman

Bird, Having your sister visit was delightful for me because she brought with her the lovely Miss Hadley Richardson. Isn’t it a lovely place with her presence here? Read More

Hypolimnion: For Sylvia

By Emily Durham

There is a divide in all lakes where, suspended, you sense a shift in temperature. A line that sinks you into stagnancy. Your toes dip down, breach the liminality, reach a zone so bitter you convulse. Read More

Holy Madness

By Matthew Kizior

Alchemical masterminds of a grand design, Were following the drum beats of the mean streets, To the Gates of Heaven that were firmly shut, Saying God was away at lunch for the next thousand years. Read More

Religion as Ideology of Conquest

By Matthew Kizior

Ideas are powerful. Ideas have influence, incite passion, and can capture the imaginations of millions of people. Ideas can take what people only dream of and turn it into reality. Read More

Shaking Champagne

Five poems by Terence O’Toole

1: Foolhardy man, I am a pigeon looking and bounding; Rat of the sky. Read More

Plain as Day

By Terence O'Toole

For just over ten years now, I have made music with my computer. Read More