Forbes and Fifth

Volume 1, Spring 2012

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Expert Beauty Tips; Jar of Darkness

By Caily Grube

carry beautiful things: a strawberry smoothie with bubbles, floral scents on the wrist.
or carry small things: a small beautiful lap dog, a baby cell phone, tiny gems in ears. Read More

"I Can Has Cultural Influenz?"

By Noah Levinson

There is no doubt that these forms of entertainment, known as Internet Memes, are becoming more numerous and popular every day. Read More

I Want to Love and Be Loved in Big Cities

By Emily Grant & Merritt Wuchina

An artist might have designed it, but it was my wish — I want to love and be loved in Big Cities. Read More

New Representations of the 'Golden Lineage'

By Jonathan Heins

More interesting however, and more prominent, is the integrations of elements of traditonal Mongolian music into Western musical styles and forms, like pop music. Read More

A Brief Explanation of Bonding Patterns in Carbon

By Patrick Rice & Jacob Very

The sixth element, carbon, is the basis for life as we know it. Read More


Carbon Chains; Skin

By Donna McDermott

This is our graphite anniversary
Because we'll never really meet. Read More


By Gabrielle Kirilloff

Digital humanities, the area of study that explores the intersection of computing and the humanities, not only affects the presentation and accessibility of literary resources but also creates opportunities for scholars to ask new questions. Read More

Rest Assured, We Can Save It All

By Nataniel Hanson

As the baby-boomers matured, so did their cultural critique. Rock and roll became intertwined with the intellectually curious and politically conscious middle class youth. Read More

Go to Sleep; An Epitaph

By Jarrett Eakins

Each friend enters a rumination.
A single Drink can draw time-illusions from music. Read More