Forbes and Fifth

Volume 17, Fall 2020

Sins of The Tan

by Divya Manikandan

"Naturally, I got by. But most importantly, I avoided the tan." 

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Little Red Dots

by Alena Maiolo

"Nine years ago, my mom helped Leo pick out my engagement ring— she didn’t trust him, his money, or his taste. It’s yellow gold with a brilliant red ruby in a Marquise setting, surrounded by diamonds. To Leo, it’s a football. To me, it’s an eye. "

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Cultural Reflection & Leadership in Dogs' Behavior and Welfare

by Christina Chapman

"The United States and the Netherlands have very different cultures, with few overlapping similarities. The cultural characteristics that each country holds can be reflected in dogs’ behaviors when they are out in public. " 

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Glowing Green Rabbits, The Dangers of Aestheticization and Future of Bio Art

by Jessa Westheimer

"The natural world is characterized by infinitely beautiful processes that occur in perfect synchrony. Only recently though, did these processes become the new media "

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Assorted Poems

by Kari Villanueva

"Oddities in a Mental Hospital", "Our Lady of Charity", "Ojala"

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A Summary of Mental Health in Ancient Greece & Rome

by Peter Ullrich

"At the origin of this field are medical beliefs of ancient Greece and Rome, which were some of the first to discuss and document the topic of mental health; however, these societies existed nearly independently of foreign scientific influences and were limited in their capacity to standardize their theories"

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Good Work, Good Health

by Ashley Bang

"At first glance, Elizabeth and Ria may not have had much in common. But to those who knew them best, both women were exceptions to an unwritten rule: that by doing the right things, and not doing the wrong things, one can effectively “earn” one’s well-being."

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The Nostalgia Generation: Romanticizing the Past to Capture the Attention of Young Consumers

by Valentina Caballero

"Sometimes, recycling an old idea is better than creating a new one altogether. While decades in the 20th century have been defined by specific fashion, music and entertainment trends, the 21st century has experi - enced a different form of cultural development, due to of the rise of the Internet. "

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Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Flu Disappear: Debunking the "Miraculous" Oscillo

by Rachel Hagerman

"Oscillo vows to keep you safe each flu season with “[i]ndividually-packaged doses [that] are convenient to take anywhere so that you can be ready at the first sign of symptoms” (Oscillo). According to the Oscillo website, this medicine has been a very popular choice in 50 different countries for over 70 years. In fact, the medication “is a $15 million-a-year business, in the United States alone” (Park). Despite its financial success, this seemingly miraculous treatment is nothing short of a box of sugar pills."

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Expedition of the Isolated

by Sadhika Verma


my bed's starting to feel

like the deep blue ocean

i once painted with my fingers

on the ceiling of my room, with acrylic

that is beginning to chip off

from the sides

with time

and much like it.


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