Forbes and Fifth

Volume 2, Fall 2012

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By Laura Britton

I have a hundred cans of Spam. I have two hundred pounds of long grain white rice, four fifty-gallon drums of grain, flour, dried beans, and nuts. A hundred gallons of water. Read More

Schizophrenia and a Means to Study It

By Wasiq Sheikh

While positive and negative symptoms are most commonly associated with the illness and are more or less treatable, recent evidence suggests that the deficiencies in cognitive domains are the core dysfunction of the illness. Read More

Ameritaku: How Goku Beat Superman

By Matthew Kizior

Using themes ranging from haunted criminal pasts to metaphysics, anime has transcended cultures and stereotypes by giving us stories that speak to multiple aspects of a person simultaneously. Read More

How to Be a Perfect Feminine Being

By Mia Bencivenga

By reading this how-to guide, I am going to show you how to be the perfect feminine being. All that I have learned over my years of carefulobservation and analysis in female-centric environments will be yours for the taking. Read More

An Overview of Sex Determination From the Adult Shoulder Girdle

By Nicole Dominach

The pelvis and skull are the predominant osteological elements used in sexing a decedent. But, it is not always the case that these bonesare found, thus other osteological elements must be used to determine sex. Read More

Jodi Undressed

By Katharina Cavano

She began running away when she was five. She ran from her Levittown, New York, home, from her parents, and the life she had with them. Read More