Forbes and Fifth

Volume 3, Spring 2013

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Define Repair

By Julian Day Cooney

He stared out at familiar faces, and they welcomed him with a respectful silence. He was raised in the church, the son of the head pastor, Mark Swaim. Read More


The "Romantic" Year Without a Summer

By Kathryn Schlesinger

The entire world faced dramatic climate changes following the eruption of Mount Tambora the previous year. Consequently, ash lingered in the atmosphere over much of the world for up to two years,
producing unusual weather. Read More


When the Falling is Done

By Alexis Tess

Eyes smile at the sight,
nostrils sigh at the scent, every muscle fiber
shouts hallelujah!
and tap-dances in place. Read More


Ya ves, Soy Asháninka: Terrorism and Testimony in Perú

By Evelyn F. McCoy

During the late twentieth century, following severe eras of violence, either military or terrorist-provoked, in nearly every Latin American country we observe the emergence of a new genre to recount history:
testimony, both in the literary and political arena. Read More



By Nicole Arthur

When I was in first grade, I was made to draw a picture of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I scrawled out in deep blue crayon, 2+2=4. Read More


The Members

By Mallory Fuccella

They have names like "CHANDLERSWAN." They leave half a leaf of lettuce and a quarter of a crouton on their plate and say they aren’t done. Read More


Comedy Vérité: Arrested Development and the Docusoap Form

By David Madison

Through its use of the comedy vérité style, Arrested Development heightens the absurdity of its comedy by treating it with a serious, "truthful" tone while also furthering the form of the television sitcom. Read More


The Land of Magical Crossroads

By Vincent Mok

Of course, being pretty doesn’t mean that Shibuya isn’t dangerous. Peril looms as the four human corners of the intersection, each an anxious mass of tight muscle fibers, consider how to attack: a diagonal
cut across the intersection or a swift, angular curve or maybe a direct strike forward? Read More


Postmodern Authenticity and the Hipster Identity

By Kelsey Henke

Since its introduction into popular culture in the late 1990s, the subcultural identifier and pejorative “hipster” has come to denote a distinct countercultural figure. Known predominantly for their ironic aesthetic style and adulation of esoteric cultural goods, hipsters appear in contemporary media as a regular target of editorial criticism and satire. Read More