Forbes and Fifth

Volume 4, Fall 2013

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Evolving Style in the Super Mario Bros. 3 Soundtrack

By Andrew Head

Along with the updated gameplay and aesthetics came a new original soundtrack by Koji Kondo, composer for the first Super Mario Bros. game. This soundtrack took Mario music to a new level of vibrancy and diversity. Read More

Gravitational Speaking

By Mary Sherman

Gravitationally speaking,
Particles are lonely little creature things Made up of parts that
(always, always, always
even when we swear we don’t) Read More


"An Outline of the Modern Girl" from Akemi Ishiguro's The Modern Girl's Story

By Meghan Hirsh

The Modern Girl’s Story reminds us that women’s movements do not exist in vacuums. They are affected by and affect the economy from which they stem. Read More


Cross Cultural Considerations for Craniofacial Anomalies

By Zannan A. Zhang

The treatment of craniofacial anomalies involves much more than merely the physical aspect. Any condition that has not been commonly accepted by societal standards requires a support team of surgical, psychological, and social work expertise to aid patients in postsurgical adjustments. Read More


Deadbeat Husband

By Kaitlin Miller

All I could see was red as I scrubbed the dishes. Ralph made me so mad sometimes and the fight we just had was tremendous. Read More


Identity and the Narrative of Conflict

By Sofya Perelshteyn

The ongoing violence between Israelis and Palestinians has become a deeply rooted conflict that many believe is too deeply entrenched in historical discrepancy to be remedied. Read More


"Live and Let Live": The Destabilization of Heteronormativity in Moisés Kaufmann's "The Laramie Project"

By Angelos Bollas

Kaufmann’s play does not attack Laramie for being reactionary. It rather exposes and questions the construction of the residents’ mindsets that led two of “their own” to commit such a brutal crime. Read More


Dear Sarah

By Michael Pattengale

I think that it was the fact that he had discovered the gun and the purpose it serves. Although I doubt he can comprehend it, it reminds me of when I was his age. Read More