Forbes and Fifth

Volume 5, Spring 2014

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By Ignacio Lopez

The farmer paid us in the shed with cash because he didn’t want any witnesses. Other farmers were telling on each other for hiring our kind. Read More


Old Tensions, New Meanings, More Healing

By Michelle Yaw

The literature surrounding Pich applauds his artistic development as an internationally recognized Cambodian artist. Read More


Deep Blue Sea

By Katherine Mooney

I don't know how it happens
Just so
With a flourish, and is gone.
A slip, a fall, somewhere bruises form
on knees or elbows scrubbed raw... Read More


Snapshots of the Female Body

By Julie Morrisey

Lately, there have been so many stories. Too many. The girl with the glittered lower lip and crinkled hair saying, but it was just his birthday, you know, I was just the girl to him, you know. Read More


A Memorial to the Vainglorious Death by Fire of my Comrades on the Streets of Middle America During the Outbreak

By John Simons

Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains. Read More


The Angel at the Trestle

By Liz McLaughlin

The horror of what happened to Dayvon was not the catalyst. Rather, my capacity to love changed: diminished at first and then transformed into something so huge and effuse I had to create a new emotion just to contain the joy and sorrow of it. Read More


Adream, Awake; A Sycamore Sings

By Kate Keleher

mooncrust slivers
and crickets’ whinings
creeks and their findings,
earth, dusty, creaks to ravines,
ravenous for tumbled goats.  song Read More

Middling Culture: the Middlebrow, the Pulitzer, and Devotion to the Negative

By Kaeli Hood

 The praise of a prize committee lends a work and its author a sort of “cultural capital” that works in a way similar to credit in the system of cultural exchange. Read More


An Era of Volatile Transition: Uncovering the Hindu-Muslim Tension in Mumbai, India

By Rohan Lambore

The consistent problem of inter-religious tensions (Hindu-Muslim) within Mumbai seems to be at the discussion table for practically every urban planner, elected official, police officer, philanthropist, and even common citizen who convenes to address the city’s progress. Read More