Forbes and Fifth

Volume 6, Fall 2014


By Micaela Corn

Children at the zoo learn that flamingoes
get their hue from their diet; the healthiest
are the most pink... Read More


This Gotdamned Clown

By Jacob Patalive

Something tells me there is a clown hiding underneath this table giggling whenever my legs bop and boop up and down up and down dancing to all the uptones in my earholes. Read More


The Production of Muskets and Their Effects in the Eighteenth Century

By Richard Moore

Like any commodity, muskets in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries fulfilled a need. Muskets, as commodities, were produced in order to allow for European powers to defend and expand. Read More



By Kyli Foster

a nauseating 
I'm stuck. Read More


A Personal Consideration on the Intersection of Ethics and Aesthetics

By Ryan Trott

I find the content of Nietzsche’s words troubling. I am continually stricken by the ethical implications of art and aesthetics both on a personal level and in regards to a broader, societal level. Read More


A Voyage Across the River Ulysses

By Kyle Semroc

I set down the book and let out a deep exhale as my mind begins to race. I hear the echoes of Molly Bloom proclaiming “yes I will yes and he kissed me yes I will yes." Read More


Williamsburg: Luxury Rentals and Stalled Construction

By Gwen Sparkman

The housing boom in the early 2000s led to construction and speculation in the real estate market at unprecedented levels. Williamsburg, located in northern Brooklyn, experienced some of the highest levels of building during this time. Read More


Three Poems

By Julie McConnell

It happened one day
while collecting seashells with Jane.
We walked along the opaque water,
the cold lamellipodia of the sea crawling out... Read More

An American Social Worker's Perspective on the Romani's Denied Access to Education and Consequent Unemployment in the Czech Republic and Hungary

By Leah Slaweski

Through an analysis of personal correspondence and the experience of personally traveling through these countries, I will extricate the root of the problem surrounding Roma discrimination and oppression. Read More


From Orchard to Adele

By Abbey O'Brien

Gustav Klimt, the internationally renowned fin-de-siècle Viennese painter, has had an interesting relationship with the United States. Read More