Forbes and Fifth

Volume 8, Spring 2016

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Iyarisha, Iyarisha: I’m Thinking, I’m Thinking

By Elizabeth Holmes

The fisherman sensed a pair of eyes glancing about his body, which made him itch. He stood tense and knee deep in the Rio Napo of the Ecuadorian Amazon. To keep his heart from racing, he focused on his breathing.
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The Pedestal

By Emily Dunn

For several years, I have wondered why the general public holds such derogatory judgment for those working in law enforcement and psychology. By observing the news and social media, it was clear that the typical portrayal of those in law enforcement is not only negative, but also that it is unforgiving.
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Adopting a Price-Quality Scale Within Fair Trade to Broaden its Consume Base

By Madeline Kameny

Fair Trade USA certifies fair trade products that are produced and grown around the world and sold in the United States. It has reached 100,000 retail locations nationwide (n.p.). But despite its positive intentions and its gradual growth in impact, fair trade operates within a very narrow system that limits their potential for success.
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Alcohol’s Role in History

By Karan Arul

During the height of the Revolutions of 1848 in Europe, thousands of political refugees sought out asylum in distant lands. In particular, a large influx of German “Forty-Eighter’s” immigrated to the United States in hopes of finding success in the “New World.”
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Population Control, Child Marriage, and Human Trafficking

By Morgan Wajda

Physical abuse against Romani populations has been widely transcribed, particularly during the Decade of Roma Inclusion from 2005–2015. Few reports, however, focus on the experiences of young Romani women, especially those who have suffered abuse at the hands of their own communities as well as the state.
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Analysis of Computational Neuroscience Models

By Emily Scott & Alisa Urbano

The field of mathematical biology seeks to model biological processes using mathematical techniques and computer simulations to better explain, analyze, and visualize biological processes.
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By Kamari Somers

The Academy Awards, colloquially known as the Oscars, are often seen as the highest level of acclaim in the American film industry, and thus, as the goal that most filmmakers aim to achieve.
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In the Here and Now

By Meghan Hipple

In 1991, Chinese director Zhang Yuan hosted a meeting of his peers, in the privacy of his home, to discuss duli, or independent filmmaking, in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Yuan is noted as the pioneer of Chinese Sixth Generation Filmmaking, which developed without state sponsorship in the 1990s.
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