Forbes and Fifth

Volume 9, Fall 2016

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Call Me Laura

By Ying-Tung Chou

The professor said,
 Let me call you 
 by your name:  Lou, 
 instead of  anything else 
 from a book on the shelves.

I didn’t know if I could refuse.
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Why Do Americans Like Doctor Who? Images of Britain in the American Conciousness

By Morgan Flood

Fundamentally, it is a quirky show about an eccentric, world-saving, time-traveling alien. Despite it being possibly the least likely show to have sprouted a sizable global fan base, with its bizarre extraterrestrials, low-budget effects, and general air of ‘weirdness,’ Doctor Who still found its way into millions of people’s hearts.
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The Last Hunt

By Leland Cacayan

Those mornings, when we were younger, I bathed my little brother and felt his bones the way a hunter would feel a dead rabbit’s: the small vertebrae bulging in his back as he squatted in the tub.
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Sulpicus and Sallust

By Olivia B. Parks

Sulpicius Severus is best known as the medieval Latin author who wrote one of the earliest examples of a saint’s biography. His work, Vita Sancti Martini, served as the “primary role in creating the legend of St. Martin”, setting the stage for the literary genre known as hagiography, which collectively refers to the genre depicting lives of saints.
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Pride and Prejudice and the Purpose of Marriage

By Rebekah Hall

From the first line of Pride and Prejudice, the narrator reveals her satirical approach to matrimony. If it was “a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” then the women in the novel would not have to struggle so much.
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Humor Me: Language Ideologies Embedded Within Nonstandard Subtitles

By Mariah Flanagan

Subtitles are standard and widely accepted forms of language translation in films and other video-related media in the Western world, predominantly in America. Any on-screen manipulation of subtitles or usage that is not standard to subtitling is commonly done to create humor.
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The Effect of Race on Female Relationships

By Kim Rooney

Stereotypes pitting women against other women abound in media and literature. Catfights are popular click-bait headlines on social media, and many “reality” television shows rely on drama between and among women.
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Reprogenics and the Use of Three Parent IVF to Prevent Genetic Diseases and Disorders

By Rahul Ramanathan

In approaching the era benefitting from engineered bacteria and lab-generated tissues, advancements improving human health now surface. These improvements range from aesthetic selection to preventative care for genetic disorders and diseases.
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What Gravity Feels Like

By Adrianna Moyer

I wonder
how it feels
to let the petals of
the dying magnolia slip
through your
fingers on a Sunday afternoon
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Breakfast at Tiffany's: The Fluctuating Identity of Holly Golightly

By Kendall Varin

Irresistible, enviable, and a bit naïve. Holly Golightly is an ageless character that portrays the spontaneity and carelessness of early adulthood, which American culture loves and abhors.
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