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Want to be Published?

Forbes & Fifth, an undergraduate journal of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, is seeking submissions for its 22nd volume! We accept writing and visual art from all schools and disciplines of any accredited undergraduate university in the world. We consider scholarly and creative work. Recent topics include: environmental social justice, 20th-century cinema, creative writing, and visual art submissions. Work may originate from a prompt, but must be unique and original.

We publish twice yearly, in April and December. Our submission deadline for works of writing for the 22nd volume will be February 10th, 2023. Our submission deadline for visual art for the 22nd volume is also February 10th, 2023.

Forbes & Fifth is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity.

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What We Accept

We accept undergraduate submissions from any accredited university in the world. These submissions can range from research articles/essays to creative writing to visual art and beyond. There is really no limit to what you can submit to Forbes & Fifth.

You must be a current undergraduate and must be the sole author of your work. Co-authored papers with professors are not permitted. A professor may advise you over the course of the project, but again, you must be the sole author of your submission. Works co-authored by two or more undergraduates are permitted, but all of the authors must be undergraduates.

The work must also be original. We accept translations as long as they are original.

Format of Submissions

Please do not exceed 25 double-spaced pages (or 12.5 single-spaced pages) with your submission.

If you have citations, please have them in one of the following styles according to their respective style guides: Chicago, APA, or MLA.

Simultaneous and Multiple Submissions

You are permitted to submit simultaneous submissions to Forbes & Fifth. Those are submissions that are currently under consideration for other publications. You must disclose that a submission is a simultaneous submission on the submission page. There is an option within the page for you to disclose this. If your work is accepted at another publication and you go forward with having that publication publish your work, you must immediately inform Forbes & Fifth of this at and retract your submission from contention.

Multiple submissions are accepted at Forbes & Fifth. For writing submissions, we ask that you do not submit more than three (3) pieces. For visual art submissions, there is no limit to the amount of work that you submit.

How to Submit

Use this page to submit ( It is absolutely free to submit to our publication.

Response Time

If you submit work before our Fall deadline (in October), you should expect to hear a response by early November at the latest.

If you submit work before our Spring deadline (in February), you should expect to hear a response by early March at the latest.

Responses are not sent out before the submission deadline passes.

Missing the Deadline

If you miss the current deadline, you can still submit your work via the same exact process. This is provided that you will still be an undergraduate during the semester’s publication cycle for which you are applying (Fall/Spring). Your work will simply be considered for the next publication cycle.


Authors and artists retain the copyright to their work even if it is published in Forbes & Fifth. The only right that is granted to Forbes & Fifth is the right to publication.

Senior Work for Graduating Students

If you have a piece that you are working on during your senior year but are unsure if we will accept the submission post-graduation, here are the guidelines. If the entire work was written while you were an undergraduate and you are submitting no later than a semester removed from graduation, then your piece is acceptable for submission. For example, say you wrote a piece in the spring of 2019 and graduated in May of 2019 but would like to submit for the Fall 2019 cycle. That is acceptable. However, it could no longer be accepted beginning with the Spring 2020 cycle.


If the submission guidelines listed above are not followed, Forbes & Fifth reserves the right to disqualify your submission(s) from contention.