Forbes and Fifth

Volume 19, Fall 2021

A Liminal Soundscape

By Dionna Dash

As a child, everything shouted. The new, overpriced microwave oven screamed when it finished burning his food. Ms. Clarendon’s chalk shrieked as she dragged it gracelessly across the school whiteboards. Even his father squawked and bellowed and howled when his mother forgot to thaw the chicken for dinner that night or left wet clothes in the washing machine for a week.

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A Lost Soul

By Nada Abdulaziz

The explosion, So clear in my eye, As though it was in slow motion, Like the true beginning of the word “goodbye"

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The Pieces of You

By Alexander Nieves

All I can focus on is what is directly in front of me. As I stare at the ground, I use my index and middle fingers to trace patterns into the sand. I look to my right and glance at the drawstring bag sitting against my leg, begging to be opened. I do not know why I brought it here, the stupid thing. My face burning with rage, I grab it with my hands and throw it as far as I can, hearing it fall after slamming into a wall of rock.

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We're Here but We're Not Queer: The Lack of Modern Queer Cinema and Why It Needs to Be Remedied

By Lucy Martin-Richards

What I aim to explore is the contention that despite the amount of high profile, critically well received LGBTQ+ films that have been produced in recent years, there is still a lack of truly ‘queer’ cinema- and furthermore, why it is so important that this is remedied. A topic close to my heart as both a queer woman and a student of film.

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Hanahaki, or Your Aubade from Our Abode

By Jocelyn Saunders

Eosphorus is the star of the eastern morning,you tell me, as our abode shifts underthe weight of you, a rousing odalisque. In your wake, you will leave me suffocated with it:the glory of the morning.

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Gender Dynamics in a Digital Era of Mobile Device Dating Applications

By Brittany Kuo

While both mobile device dating applications and social media platforms afford users agency and interactivity, a unique part of the dating application process concerns the safety of women when transitioning from virtual connection to physical interaction

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Women Leaders During Crisis: What the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Shown Us About Effective Leadership

By Isabel Barrett

This article examines ways in which women have effectively man-aged the pandemic in their country or field, the benefits of diverse leadership, and corresponding COVID-19 data. It also discusses why men dispropor-tionately occupy leadership positions, which is a conversation essential to understanding preconceived notions about gender and leadership.

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Ethical and Privacy issues with Pediatric Genetic Testing

By Anna Slebonick

...When a child’s health is genuinely compromised and genetic testing is in the best interest of the child, the benefits of clinical testing outweigh any consequences. Conversely, direct-to-consumer genetic testing not only lacks support from medical organizations but also lacks useful medical benefits to children, further suggesting that the maximal benefit and minimal harm generated by pediatric genetic testing occurs in a clinical setting.

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The Parthenon Friezes

By Lillian Forrest

Fingers stretched across seas. Toes bundled in twos, threes. My right hip Sits on your altar. My lower lip Has lost her Sister.

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